They say that in waiting rooms quite turnout of people, one may end up reading until the stickers fire extinguishers. For in the waiting room of my physical therapist, what would my surprise, I realized that where he remained supported was a window where penetrated the morning light, offering a beautiful show of reflexes, of lines and shapes, which made instinctively me photographing put such emotion, not caring about the people who were in the place looking and wondering, what this has happened, you’ve seen ?. The paradoxical thing is that in my delight, one of the ideas that came to mind was, “I do not call right now for the query” wanted the ownership of such a finding is not interrupted, not wanting the magic of that moment for anything broke.

I want to add that the edition of this work is influenced by reason of being exposed at the Institute of Fine Arts in Shenzhen, specialized and emblematic painting ink place and whose inauguration will take place on July 10. The choice of round format for this work, is defined by parallels with the works that decorate the aforementioned consultation, as they have this format, thus closing the circle of creative realization of the series. (For translation of Spanish has been used google translator).